Furuyu Onsen Inn Kiyokawa in Saga.



Please look forward to
our delicious dishes.

Every morning, our chef checks the seasonal ingredients and purchase them.
We have a wide variety of dishes.
The dishes of course meals have gentle taste and are well-balanced.
Therefore you can enjoy their deliciousness even if you are full.
Please look forward to the dishes made by our chef, with your stomach empty.

About dishes


We have five rooms
with cozy atmosphere.

We have five rooms of slightly different types;
Rooms with open-air bath, semi Japanese style rooms with semi-open-air bath,
and spacious rooms with quaint atmosphere which are used by celebrities.
Please spend a quiet time.

About rooms


Lukewarm hot spring of source temperature of 37.8 degrees

Furuyu Onsen is also famous as "Nuruyu"; lukewarm hot spring.
You can take long bath even in summer.
The setting will be a little hotter in winter so that you can enjoy hot springs.

About baths


In about an hour from Fukuoka,
you can feel peaceful nature.

Surrounded by dazzling green mountains,
you can hear comfortable murmuring of the Kise River.
Please come to Furuyu Hot Spring
where you can feel the nature and you will be refreshed.

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